Our Story

Variety of sunglasses on displayPolarspex was launched by eyewear business veterans. Years ago, Polarspex recognized the changes in people’s shopping habits and the shift of power from distributors to manufacturers. The Polarspex team also witnessed, firsthand, the incredible inefficiencies of the traditional retail product model, especially in the realm of accessories.

The products people knew and loved were becoming more and more out of reach. Polarspex, like other value-driven businesses, appreciated the looks that don’t go out of style and products that didn’t separate them from their hard-earned money. The company found that heavy markups were the result of two solvable issues: inefficient supply chains and premium labels.

The complex logistics costs associated with each layer in the supply chain typically lead to a 5-10x markup. Planning, procurement, warehousing, and transportation all contribute to the final price tag. And when you slap a high-end designer name on the arms of a pair of shades, prices balloon.

Why pay for a label and poor business management? When Polarspex was launched, the team leveraged Amazon to cut out unnecessary sales, retail, and distribution steps, empowering customers with factory-direct pricing.

Quality and affordability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We are setting out to change that, every day, by giving you the best pricing on classic, quality sunglasses.

A crowd of people gathering.But we aren’t just about making and selling sunglasses.

When we launched this thing, we knew we had to do more. Being based in LA, a global melting pot, we encounter endless opportunities to help people on a local, national, and global scale. And we’re dedicated to assisting life-altering, world-changing organizations in our California community and beyond.

Hands forming a heart shape.Our Vision: See the Difference


With all the negativity happening around the world, we want to make a difference by highlighting and empowering various non-profit heroes in our society.

We believe that by sharing positive vibes and energy, we can and will make this world a better place. A small portion of your purchase goes to organizations dedicated to improving our communities, our environment, and our world.

For us, fair pricing and mindful giving come hand in hand.

A woman reaching out with a helping hand.Mission: Give Back and Make the Difference

In 2018, Polarspex worked with a number of non-profits. Through charitable donations, we seek to shed light on difference makers like Tim Brigham of Superhero Collective and Joseph Carbone of Eyecare 4 Kids. With your support, we are all going to make this world a better place.

A group of friends hugging and laughing.A Customer-First Mindset

Polarspex utilizes Amazon's first class fulfillment to get your products to the destination quickly. And should you ever need a good yell or therapy session, our 24-hour round-the-clock customer service remains at your disposal (sorry, Carl).

We are nothing without our loyal customers. They are the ones who have helped build Polarspex. We are fully committed to providing them with the highest quality product available. Our goal is to earn and retain the trust and satisfaction of all our customers with every purchase, experience, and interaction.

A group of hands together in the middle.A Community-Centered Company

Polarspex is not just a company, but a family and most of all, part of a community. We believe that together, hand in hand, we will make the world a better place than we found it.

The Polarspex team is made up of passionate individuals that want to have a positive impact on our society. As such, we have committed ourselves to donating a portion of our proceeds to charitable organizations. Learn more on the Giving Back page.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out about a grassroots non-profit that you feel needs help. We're always seeking for new charities to share to our community.