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Eye protection shouldn't cost a premium!!

When you feel good about the way you look, it’s like seeing life through the lenses of new sunglasses. And when you pay a fair price for great looking shades, you can feel the difference.

But if you’ve ever lost or damaged a pair of overpriced, name brand sunglasses, it feels more like the emotional equivalent of a kick to the shins.

Our goal is to free you from overpaying for swag ever again. Now you can shop high-end, high-clarity polarized sunglasses without breaking the bank.

We carry a full line of sunglasses armed with various colors for the entire family so that your kids can rock the same pair that mommy and daddy wear.

Polarspex strives to empower customers and promote positivity by offering factory-direct pricing and broadcasting good vibes among the growing Polarspex community. Our mission is to not only make you LOOK GOOD but FEEL GOOD too!

Order a pair of our classic shades and give them a test wear. You will see the difference. And others will too.

Man wearing sunglasses and denim jacket looking up at the sky.Quality Products at Fair Prices

We’re sunglass junkies with an eye for that classic, custom look. And we believe that fashionable, functional polarized sunglasses shouldn’t set you back--they should move you forward.

That’s because Polarspex is made from the same materials as celebrity-endorsed designer brands. And since we manufacturer each pair ourselves, you pay factory-direct pricing. No unnecessary markups, no customary letdowns. Yes, the dream of owning a pair of high-end, low-cost sunglasses is alive and real.

Polarspex specializes in bringing you a quality pair of your classic POLARIZED sunglasses at a fraction of the cost while keeping the prices reasonable. We're not here to reinvent fashion, but the way business is done.

Leave the labels to models and mannequins. Think of us as the Hanes to Calvin. You don’t need to see David Beckham’s bulk or touch an Italian model’s cheekbone to feel good about yourself and your wallet.

As opposed to the traditional way of doing business, by partnering up with Amazon, we're able to axe the middlemen and cut costs at every stage of the process, including:

  • Warehouse Storage
  • Freight Costs
  • Salesman Salary and Commissions
  • Management Costs
  • Traditional Advertising Costs
  • Product Display
  • Equipment
  • Workers Comp

And by doing so, we pass the savings on to our customers. No runarounds. No retail markups. Just you and beautiful polarized sunglasses made responsibly and priced fairly.